Happy Birthday to Us!

All of us should be starting to feel it now... we're entering a new AI-ra! As a result, today marks the official birthday of the Digital Quality Institute here at dxquality.com. 

The vision for DQI is to provide a marketplace of unique, compelling, and inventive ideas from leaders and emerging leaders who care about quality and excellence - people at all stages of their careers who have been inspired by the rich tradition of quality. Leaders who can carry those messages forward in relevant and engaging new ways that younger generations can be inspired by.

 Course #1 (Winning At Work: Unlocking Quality Consciousness for Career Advancement) is available now with the following promotional offers:

Additional courses will be released each month this year. Join the mailing list for pre-release offers and course announcements.

I'm excited to be the curator of dynamic stories that help us connect with our power... so we can help each other transform our work, transform our lives, and realize our potential as individuals and
innovative communities in the digital-first world.


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