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Data, Digital Transformation & Next Generation Quality

Visibility, alignment, and flow are more important than technology, but harder to achieve. Reduce chaos with Quality 4.0.

Executive Education & Technology Leadership

Find out what works... fast. Grounded in research and theory, learn how to create inclusive, laser-focused teams.

Practical Tools for Data Management & Analysis

Find signals in the noise of complex, modern environments with digital, analytical, and statistical tools.

"Executive Education programs at universities are usually outsourced... taught by people who aren't professors and have no real world experience. I wish I knew that before I wasted $40,000." 

Benefits of Membership

On-demand access to 30+ mini-courses to develop technical and leadership skills.

Monthly briefs & a library of tools and templates to ideate & accelerate impact.

Priority access to executive programs at a substantial discount.

"I felt comfortable with BI, but not simplifying data stacks or driving results from AI & machine learning. I've quickly learned better techniques for crafting my ideas and engaging the workforce. It's reduced my stress tremendously."

Bridget Tolan
Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO)

Pragmatic Technical Leadership.

To stand out from the crowd of leaders in data, IT, and digital, you'll need to be unique. Anyone can write some code, but only the strongest can contextualize it to drive rapid impact. Stand out! Learn from DQI's carefully curated materials and capture new capabilities through digital badging from Sertifier.

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