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Winning At Work: Unlocking Quality Consciousness - GIFT CERTIFICATE

Be seen... be heard... get better performance reviews... and overcome impostor syndrome, in weeks. If you or someone you know are in between jobs, or just want to strengthen your performance so you can survive the tough job market, this course will help you see things in a new way. Since 2009, this curriculum has only been used for in-person coaching. But in 2023, it's being released so more people can benefit.

You want to be productive and you want to do great work. You're willing to learn and continually improve, and you NEED to stand out from an increasingly homogeneous crowd. But conventional performance advice can backfire, and you may have already paid the price for following it. In this course, you'll learn how to think about quality, which will transform your perspective. Understanding personal quality and excellence will transform the way you perform. Learn the SECRETS to being seen and being heard (in a good way) from a PhD expert in quality and transformation.

What you'll get:

  • 4 total contact hours of instruction
  • 160 page eBook
  • Tools and exercises to help you maintain self-awareness and critically evaluate your challenges
  • Tons of inspiration and a giant boost to your self-confidence