$297.00 USD

VENT Sessions with the Data Doctor (x3)

As a data professional, you face unique challenges that require a blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and effective communication. That's where Dr. R comes in – she's not just a coach, but a confidante who understands the intricacies of your role and the pressures you face. 💪

You'll get guidance, mentorship, and support that meets your immediate needs and helps you take solid steps towards the future you want to create.

  • ✅ Need to vent about a frustrating project, a difficult stakeholder, or the challenges of leading a data-driven organization?
  • ✅ Need help understanding and navigating a tricky political situation?
  • ✅ Concerned about the direction of your career, and need a second opinion?
  • ✅ Want to build a portfolio of your work that really "pops"?

This package provides 3 hours (total) of sessions where you'll find a safe, confidential space for you to share your concerns, frustrations, and aspirations under a strict NDA. You'll get guidance - driven by YOUR strengths - and tailored to your specific needs NOW.